Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas Shipping Deadlines
International Postal Deadlines vary by Continent,
please visit this link for details regarding your country: Holiday Shipping Cut-off Dates

To receive your items by Christmas (at regular postage rates) please order by the dates below. These dates are provided by the United States Postal Service and do not represent a guarantee.

USA:  December 19th @ Noon - PAST

USA MILITARY (APO/FPO):  Dec. 10th @ Noon - PAST
NOTE: (ZIP 093):  Dec. 3rd @ Noon - PAST

INTERNATIONAL:  Dec. 6th @ Noon - PAST

NOTE: Our advertised International shipping deadline is a very loose estimate... once a package leaves the United States, delivery is then dependent on the speed of the local post office in your country (there can also be delays with your local CUSTOMS inspections). These issues can vary from country-to-country... so please be advised... shop early!!

Our normal exchange policy will be extended through January...
buy with confidence!

1) Are these t-shirts SilkScreened?
Actually, these are better than screen printed t-shirts... we use a modern high quality print method called "Direct to Garment".

DTG printers use earth-friendly, water-based inks that create virtually "NO HAND"... that means you can barely feel the printed design on the shirt!

These are some of the softest tees with beautiful prints that will last the life of the shirt... a true Premium product for half the price of a fashion boutique t-shirt!

See for yourself, actual print... read our reviews for years of happy customers!
HipSoul Clothing DTG Printing Example
This new printing process allows us to dabble in many new design genres... we're extremely excited about this... expect the next few years to be VERY interesting!

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2) Are the tees high quality?
Yes they are... we searched and purchased, tested and toiled through various premium brand fitted t-shirts made of the fabled "RingSpun Cotton", and we finally found the perfect fit!

Combed RingSpun cotton is an expensive superfine yarn that gets softer and softer with each wash... this is what makes a nice new retro t-shirt turn into your favorite vintage tee in relatively short order... standard "Carded" cotton is more common in the t-shirt industry (you probably own many already), they're nice shirts, but not quite as soft.

HipSoul Clothing RingSpun Cotton Example
Over the years at HipSoul Clothing, we've had many requests for Womens SCOOP and V-NECK tees... which are simply not that easy to come by, especially at reasonable prices... we really didn't want to charge over $20 SHIPPED for our shirts, even if they are Premium (and $1969 ain't no coincidence)! ;)

Luckily we discovered "Next Level" brand tees... and what a pleasant surprise to find EXACTLY the styles we wanted to sell, with a decent selection of earth tone colors, and a high quality fit-and-finish. These are very nice ringspun cotton t-shirts, arguably surpassing (the now overstated, overpriced and poorly distributed) American Apparel brand.

HipSoul Clothing Sells Next Level RingSpun Cotton

3) So Shipping is Really Free?
Shipping is FREE for USA / Canada customers!*

And Every 5th shirt is always 100% FREE (for everyone)... Buy 4, get 1 FREE... Buy 8, get 2 FREE... just add to cart for automatic discount!

The catch with Free Shipping:
It's NOT free for EXCHANGES!

The Post Office doesn't do any favors when it comes to their service... once they've traveled to deliver your package the first time, it costs just as much for them to make another trip.

We charge $5 per shirt for return shipping on exchanges ($10 for Internationals / $12 for 2XL and up).

*Unfortunately we couldn't absorb the entire shipping fee for our International brothers and sisters... but we did try to reduce the shipping cost to be almost painless for our global bretheren (considering foreign exchange).

We could have charged more up-front to give the illusion of "Free Exchanges", but do you really want to pay for that service up-front?   Didn't think so.

4) Read This:
No matter where in the world you live... it's not wise to buy clothing online without measuring first. Clothes don't run small or large, PEOPLE DO... everyone is different. These are slim fitting fashion t-shirts, you should measure.

We spent a lot of time measuring these shirts, wash testing and then re-measuring. We then designed an easily understandable size chart for both USA (Standard) and International (Metric) customers, you should measure.

We even put these ugly green messages on our website, just to catch your attention and help you avoid a costly dissapointment. YOU. SHOULD. MEASURE.

We charge $5 per shirt for return shipping on exchanges ($10 for Internationals / $12 for 2XL and up).

Besides the typical return policy mumbo-jumbo... HipSoul Clothing is going to be launching HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of designs. It's worth the one-time effort to find your size in the shirts we offer, and never have to do it again.

Free Shipping, Free Shirts... lots of designs, styles, colors... high quality printing, deep v-neck, scoop neck, ringpsun cotton!! Definitely worth the effort.

5) Size charts, got it...
so what's your return policy?
We can only accept Exchanges.

All shirts are printed at YOUR request. This is the only way we can possibly offer you this level of custom design/style/size/color selection... there's simply THOUSANDS of combinations, and growing. It's impossible to stock them all, so we have to print them when you ask us to.

This also means we REALLY don't want the shirts back after they've been printed... with such a large selection of options, it can literally take YEARS for another person to come along and buy that EXACT combination again... we get stuck with an expensive shirt we can't resell.

Although we do loves us some cool t-shirts, we're still a business... exchanges burn-up any profit we made on the order, and become a costly disappointment for you. All of which can USUALLY be avoided if you just USE THE SIZE CHART!!!

We charge $5 per shirt for return shipping on exchanges ($10 for Internationals / $12 for 2XL and up).

We hate to belabour the point, but people still seems to be buying clothing online with the assumption that sizing is standardized... it's NOT! Every brand is different, every shirt style is different (see our chart above), every country is different... every person is different... please don't guess, you'll likely get it wrong.

6) How long does it take to get my shirt?
Every single day we work diligently to print/ship orders for the next day... you get a detailed email when it does, package is dropped at the post shortly after.

Nonetheless, as a small "made-to-order" company, we must reserve the right to take up to 3-5 Business Days to process orders. Of course, if we foresee any delay we'll contact you and explain the situation (out of stock, etc)... but fear not, we handle business like nobody else!

Regarding postal delivery, estimates below must be taken as just that... estimates. The Post Offices and Customs/Import Inspections in your country WILL affect delivery times. Every country is different. Please remember, this is out of our control, but we're always here to help.

USA SHIPMENTS: Please allow 7-14 Business Days (Monday-Friday)
The average travel time is about 4 days... but weather can slow things down.

WORLD SHIPMENTS (+Canada): Please allow 30 Business Days (Monday-Friday)
The average travel time is about 2 weeks (but this can vary wildly).

*The SPEED of your local Customs/Import inspections, airports (weather), and local Post Office must be considered. Government involvement slows things down.

Be Patient, Contact Us.

Unfortunately, it can take sometimes 30 to 90 days for delivery.

I'm sorry, but sometimes your local postal services can be exceptionally slow to deliver. Many retail merchants discuss this publicly on eBay forums, please search for yourself.

We assume some American packages are held for Import Inspection by your local Customs/Postal/Government. Even so, packages ALWAYS seem to show up... it just may take a little more time to reach some countries.

Be patient, we're here for you. Contact Us.

And please remember, we fill our obligation and ship your package in a timely manner, you get a notification email from us when it ships. Please don't be angry with us because the postal service is slow, we have no control once the package leaves our hands.

But YOU do have control... we urge customers to participate in their community and FORMALLY COMPLAIN to your local government/post office. Poor municipal services will never be improved if you don't complain to your politicians!!

7) How should I wash my new shirts?
Simply wash in Cold Water and Dry in Medium Heat. Extreme Heat makes cotton shrink. Save your power bills, and your clothes.

8) You don't sound like a big company... how do I contact you?
You nailed it, we're a PROUDLY small company... just two people... DIY FTW!!

We spend a ridiculous amount of time contemplating unique design ideas, writing unusual t-shirt descriptions and brainstorming fun stuff and things. Never mind learning the print craft, actually printing the shirts, packaging and shipping quickly, handling customer service each day, building the website, spreading the word, and pretty much anything else you can think of... we're just two people, working from home.

Got a problem? We're always here to help!

Please remember, do unto others... HipSoul Clothing isn't a multideathcorporation, and you're not contacting a call center. You're dealing with nice honest people, just like your neighbors. With that said, we can smell fast-ones, abusers, customer service bullies and other hate-filled nincompoops a mile away. You will be treated with the same respect you give us.

The fastest method of contact is EMAIL
We're hopelessy addicted computer junkies with a natural aversion to "the old ways" (telephone, paper, etc).... we handle business like nobody else, but we don't work traditional business hours.

Email us 24/7, you may get a response at 3am!

HipSoul Clothing RingSpun Cotton Example