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Kyuss "Orange Amp" Stoner Rock Men's T-Shirt

Kyuss, Kyuss, Kyuss... all the things to say about this incredible band... how does one manage to reach every point that needs to be said? John Garcia, Brant Bjork and Josh Homme really brought home the bacon with this quadrilogy of fuzz rock goodness.

I managed to miss the first album, Wretch, when it first came out... but I was reading a Hit Parade magazine one day in the early 90's and there was a section that was like the newspaper classifieds... no images, just text... there was about 16 little boxes of text, each was a simple review for some unknown band that wasn't image-worthy... I had time on my hands, so I read them all.

Kyuss' "Blues for The Red Sun" was described quite simply as a Black Sabbath inspired fuzzfest.

Being a big Sabbath fan, this caught my eye... especially since the 70's revival at the time mostly consisted of the halfway sounds of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. There were of course bands like St. Vitus and Pentagram, but these bands were out of my narrow scope at the time (NOTE: computers were still an expensive, hard-to-understand novelty in 1992!!)... the only way to discover new music was through word-of-mouth, magazine reviews and underground record stores that played cool shizz on the house stereo.

So when I saw "fuzzfest" and "Sabbath"... that was worth hunting down... which I did... and nothing was ever the same again.

Sabbath is great, but eventually you get to know the songs so well, you crave more... Kyuss filled that, and took us even deeper into the void. With their amazing tone (Josh won't let anyone see his pedal board, we only know he played through a Bass amp), and even more amazing lyrics and songwriting... they live up the wicked-cool image that their legendary band name implies. Yeah, they may be from the desert where it's hot... but they're wicked, wicked cool!

It's a shame the band is no longer, but I suppose that relegates these four great rock albums (Wretch, Blues for The Red Sun, Welcome to Sky Valley, And The Circus Leaves Town) to cult status.

Luckily, Josh Homme went on to create "Queens of The Stone Age" as well as "Eagles of Death Metal" and "Them Crooked Vultures" (with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame)... all of which are solid albums, with much technical prowress and an ear for catchy grooves.

John Garcia laid down one of the most epic stoner rock songs of our time while in the band "Slo Burn"... I swear, Pilot The Dune is an incredibly good song. Besides that, he's been in the bands "Unida" and "Hermano"... as well as countless guest vocals with major stoner rock bands... he's got the voice on-par with the likes of Robert Plant, David Lee Roth, Getty Lee and Ozzy. He doesn't sound like them, but he's just like them.

The quiet drummer, Brant Bjork, secretly pulled a rabbit out of his hat... he created a solo act for himself that's been a truly beautiful (series) work of art. Particularly albums like "Jalamanta" and "Punk Rock Guilt", as well as the goup album Brant Bjork and The Bros "Saved By Magic"... and don't forget Che "Sounds of Liberation"... the title track on that one is one fine peice of machinery! You gotta watch out for those quiet ones man, they're dangerous... this guy has blasted-me-off through many a hot summer afternoon!!

So yeah man, we really love Kyuss... and we really love everything that Kyuss has done since then. We figured the legendary Orange Amp was a good focal point for such a legendary band... take a close look at the details, special care was taken.

Plant ya now, dig ya later...

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