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Womens The Stooges T-Shirt - Punk Drum T-Shirts - Iggy Pop Shirt - Monkey

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The Stooges "Gorilla Drummer" Drum Punk Women's T Shirt

The first name in punk rock... Iggy, and his Stooges were the poster boys for Detroit Rock City motor mayhem in the late 60's... this classic Stooges inspired t-shirt is a left-handed take on "TV EYE" wisdom... so what's on your propaganda box today? More mind control perhaps... would you like to purchase more crap with your brainwashing you stupid gorilla?

Hey, we're just illustrating the point... they're watching you, and they don't care about you... in fact, they likely have contempt for you.... and that's why 'we the people' got loud drum kits, screaming raucous rage, and killer Stooges t-shirts like this one... so we can wake those around us... those who still run home after their rat race, worried to miss the current episode of mind control... work hard, then watch brainwash so we can convince you to part with your hard earned money... now go work hard again!

* This is our not-so-subtle interpretation... you can make of it what you will... twat vibe eye!


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