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Womens Vintage 80s Radio DJ - Rock Music - 1985 Cult Movie Tee Shirt

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Radio "1985" DJ Women's T Shirt

We'll start by rattling off some of our favorite movies that you may, or may not, have known were released in the great year of nineteen hundredth century and eight five years... The Breakfast Club... Fletch... The Goonies... Back to the Future... Commando (alright, it was a slow year for the Terminator)... Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome... and lots more... so are you getting our drift... are digging what's inside the film case?

Now, let's dig into the music... Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms"... Jesus and Mary Chain's "Psycho Candy"... Tom Waits "Rain Dogs"... Tears for Fears "Songs from the Big Chair"... LL Cool J's "Radio"... and that's just scratching the surface!

We know you're all wondering, this is HipSoul... where's the underground hits? Well, we're not (always) cold heartless bastards y'know... we figure if you're sitting here reading a description for a 1985 tee shirt, it's probably because you just love the 80's... and that's fine by us, there was certainly enough real goods released in those great years, especially compared to today... there's no shame in this vintage 80's radio DJ tee... particularly if you loved Christian Slater in "Pump Up The Volume"!


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