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Womens Vintage Wings - Paul McCartney - The Beatles - Retro Tee

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Paul McCartney "Number 9" Cult Beatles Women's T Shirt

Supposedly, Paul is NOT dead, but who really knows... there was talk of McCartney being a clone, long before 'cloning' ever became a reality... which just adds to the legend that John Lennon and the boys had ties to the devil... how did talk of Paul being a replicant even come to light, without some sort 'in the know' being involved... strange circumstances certainly surrounded The Beatles, the most famous band in the world.

And with this mythology attached, Paul's legacy grew for decades to come... to the point where the Queen of England would eventually Knight, and call him Sir... who knew a guitar pick and some Wings could carry a rock and roll man so far in this world... something's fishy.

The Number 9 looms heavy in the lore of The Beatles, there's something supernatural about it in relation... Paul's ongoing conversation with John Lennon through solo album titles and song names, post-Beatles, appeared to be a deep passage in the occult... an innuendo driven public dialog, warning Lennon to apprehend his secret relationship with Mephisto. So yeah, it's pretty fascinating stuff, for rock music history... and we can't think of a cooler way to celebrate the mystery, than a shirt that addresses it directly!


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