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Womens Offensive T - Global Political Film - "Zeitgeist" Movie Shirt

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Political "Zeitgeist" Film Conspiracy Women's T Shirt

One of the Internet's most downloaded films of all time... Zeitgeist is a conspiracy-theorists' bible, full of damning evidence of mankind's greatest lies... all the while sharing obscure knowledge with those willing to handle the 'truth' about the world we live in.

Now, we're not so sure about everything it says... you can't trust anyone these days... but the film certainly tries to open your mind to some of the very real things that those in power are trying to keep hidden from the masses... the true history that you were never taught in grade school... recorded quotes from people like Winston Churchill, condemning politicians for their deeply malevolent plans... in the 1930's... can't be faked, and should serve as proof to how long these evil men have been crafting their dark agendas against society.

The Zeitgeist t-shirt is just a way to spread the word... everyone should see this film... free your mind, and your ass will follow... it's not just a catchy phrase, it's the war-cry of the free, to the enslaved... WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!


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