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Funny T - I Hate Evil Laughing Clowns - Vintage T Shirt Design

Color: White

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Evil "Clown Hate" Men's T-Shirt

Now you've done it...I don't think you realize that clowns have managed to hear through the grapevine that you hate them!! Well, what did you think was gonna happen when the word hit the streets...HUHjQuery224024539592365353746_1539710580591? You were walking around wearing it on your t shirt...dumbass!

Yeah, that's right got a war on your hands...a CLOWN WAR!! And you're the target punk, they're coming for you...a whole army of killer clowns, and these one ain't from outer space buddy! Flesh and bone, coming to open a peanut-can-filled-with-a-popout-snake on your, I wouldn't wanna be you right now.

Just imagine the streets filled with insane clown posse-like evil laughing clowns, hatchets and everything! Oh jeez...I'm wettin' my pants just thinking about it, you better do something....quick!!

Man, I think you're best bet is to buy this shirt and spread the anti-word...maybe you can tune people into your cause and build your own army, the clown rebels.

I just hope the biker clowns don't show up on their motorcycles like that Akira movie...there's nothing worse than drunken biker clowns with hatchets, and a thirst for vengeance.

Thanks god these vintage clown tees are armoured.


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