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Womens Funny T Shirt - Atomic Rooster - Classic Rock Out Shirt Design

Color: Heather White

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Atomic Rooster "Rock out..." Band Women's T Shirt

This tee should need no introduction... but let's walk you through it anyway... see now that's a giant Cock, and we captioned it with "Rock Out"... there's a rhyme in there somewhere... and it's a funny one!

On the other hand, there's a really cool underground 70's rock band called "Atomic Rooster"... and there's a big atomic symbol on the wall of that barn... um, and there's a big atomic rooster standing next that farmer... somehow I get the feeling there's a drug reference in here somewhere... maybe.

Whichever way you want to view this classic monster of a tee... it works, and works well... you can't wear this tee shirt without getting some compliments, chuckles, laughs... and even shock by your fellow 70's rock buddys, that you found an Atomic Rooster shirt that actually does the great band some sort of justice in this day and age!


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