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Womens Call of Cthulhu v2 - HP Lovecraft - Horror Monster Art T Shirt

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Cthulhu "Squid Monster" Horror Women's T Shirt

H.P. Lovecraft's epic monster of timeless horror are the myth of eons... there's not an author on Earth that masters the realms of the unknown better than our darkest poet!

After all, illustrating the true nature of our universe to the light of man was no accident... the Necronomicon works in strange ways, through strange people, in strange places... you can ask the crazy Arab Alhazred about this psychic anomaly!

With all this talk you've heard about The Cthulhu, you may be wondering whether or not this hideous atrocity is actually real or just fiction... and whether the Elder Gods are, in fact, still lurking... now we could tell you what we know of the subject, but there's really no point... Hunter Thompson said it best in reference to the desert bats... "I should tell the poor bastard, but he'll see them soon enough!"

So show your undying (you hope) support for the true creators of the universe, wear this dark Cthulhu tee as if your life depended on it... because it probably does... the Elder Gods carry no deity, their agenda includes not man!

It's true, we've been known to gaze up at the night sky... and sometimes, on a clear night... well, let's just say that even Hellboy has his hands full when it comes to the thing that should not be!


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