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Womens Vintage Music Television - MTV Brainwash - Free Your Mind Tee

Color: Heather White

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MTV "Fuck TV" Social Commentary Women's T Shirt

We didn't grow up watching the drivel that was forced down our throats on the networks growing up, we were rocking our asses off in the basement spinning the likes of Zep, Sabbath, Grand Funk and Jimi Hendrix... all because we said early on, F*ck Television!!

This slick spin on MTV's classic logo shares our sentiments exactly... music is the universal healer, music is what really takes you places you've never been... NOT your TV... television only takes you places THEY want you to go... and they're offering a pretty narrow itinerary, if you ask us.

This classic social political shirt speaks volumes in two simple words... and we're willing to bet you're understanding what its saying... if fans of culture can appreciate how important music is, and how debilitating television can be for one's fragile mind... then you'll realize this punk shirt is a lot more than just a slogan... friends don't let friends watch television!



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