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Womens Offensive T-Shirt - Anti Bush - Anti Obama - Political T-Shirts

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Anti Bush Obama "Uncle Scam" Political Women's T Shirt

For the free-thinkers out there... this hilarious knock on Uncle Sam got us rolling on the ground when it came across our desks... it doesn't matter which side you choose, if you know who the real men behind the throne are, then you know there's a war going on... and it has nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats!

We're faced with a barrage of good news about Washington D.C. these days... but rarely do we see the true face of political America in the mainstream media... the men in black, the illuminati, secret society, media moguls and the uber-elite... don't kid yourself into thinking politicians and parties are honest men, only trying to make life better for you and your family... nowadays, it's all about the New World Order... global government, world control!

So this raucous political shirt may just be that snapshot that eludes mainstream media, the true state of our current affairs... Uncle Scam has taken over the country, and he's not doing a very good job with his dis-information campaigns lately!

There are no conspiracy theories anymore... we know who you are, we know what you're doing, and we're tired of getting lied too while you screw us out of our health, our earnings, the future of this country, and the world!

Do your part, help spread the word with this lighthearted look at the brutal realities were facing as a country that's quickly losing it's freedom... like I said, there's a war going on... and they're counting on you to do nothing about it... the real Uncle Sam is pissed, and he wants his hat back!


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