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Womens Abbie Hoffman T-Shirt - Chicago 7 Trial - Steal This Book - Yippie

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Abbie Hoffman "People's Outlaw" Cult Movie Women's T Shirt

From the front of the radical anti-war movement to the front of your chest... Abbie Hoffman was the People's Outlaw... a proud American hell-bent on keeping our Constitutional Freedoms intact... yeah, something the feds like to hunt down and destroy with both boots on!

Abbie's manual for a free existence, "Steal This Book"... spawned the film "Steal This Movie" nearly two decades later... both of which cost media vendors thousands in stolen items... which is just plain rad... yup, RAD!

Between bumping into The Who at Woodstock... standing next to Black Panthers, while directly confronting politicians and judges alike... getting framed by the FBI for a large cocaine drug deal... and finally running on the lam for almost a decade, all the while authoring subversive literature on techniques to escape incarceration and 'live free in a free country'... this man rocked the freaking boat, and hard... we'll forever love him for taking these action!

So the quote at the bottom of this tee shirt... "The only way to support a revolution is to make your own"... this is meant as pure American patriotism... we want to see the country grow back to it's roots... unfortunately, the forces that be, are genetically modifying the soil and manipulating it's growth... so do your part, start your own revolution and spread the word... they count on us to do nothing, don't prove them right.


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