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Womens Smokey and The Bandit Movie - Trans Am T-Shirt - Trucker Mouth

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Smokey and the Bandit "Up Yours Smokey" Trans Am Movie Women's T Shirt

What do you get when you load an 18 wheeler semi-truck full of Coors, then point an arrow right through bootlegging country in Southern Georgia? Well, lemme tell you boy... you get the goddamn Bandit, rollin' for keeps, with the georgia peach... yup!!

Paying tribute to the legendary film from 1977 that pointed out to us that Mack Trucks are cool, and black Trans Ams are even cooler... watching our man The Bandit (Burt Reynolds) clear the highway for delivery of the frosty beers to the Southern Classic Truck Rodeo... while that's some road warrior mayhem we can get behind!

So if you've ever had a nose-to-nose with the law, then you'll probably know exactly what we mean when we say UP YOURS SMOKEY!!! Smokey and the Bandit is all about good times on the road, fast and loose... something we're always happy to participate in... jamming hard to get to that party at the end of the line... that's it, that's all... you got a better reason for livin? We're all ears. ;)


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