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Womens Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes - Star Wars - Cantina Jazz Band

Color: Heather White

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Figrin D'an "Cantina Band" Movie Women's T Shirt

If jizz is your thing... wait no, no, let's start that again... if the Star Wars Jazz ensemble "Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes" is your favorite part of Steven Spielberg's epic space opera (like it is ours!!)... then you'll likely want to grab this highly unusual tee for all it's artsy irony!

Irony, you say? Here's why... Figrin D'an signed a contract with Jabba the Hut to be a lounge musician, since he's represented by the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM), all the while he's using Jabba's funds to hit the Sabacc table and gamble away his earnings... and here's the irony... while Figrin is hard at work trying to keep his vice going... Jabba plans on having them for breakfast when they're done playing anyways... Figrin just can't catch a break!


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