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Womens Tom Waits T-Shirt - Jazz Piano tShirt - Blues T-Shirts - Skull Tee

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Tom Waits "Drinking Piano Jazz" Lounge Lizard Women's T Shirt

The Piano has been drinking... well, are you certain it's not you that's been drinking Tom?... we know it's your fingers that make those black keys drip with the melancholy blues... so to say the piano has been drinking is a bit of misnomer... like saying, the pianos been smoking... trying to blame your gravel road voice on something other than the Marlboros used to wash down the backstreet bourbon! HAHA!

This is by far our most favorite Tom Waits t-shirt ever... skull-stoned and singing the wretched blues... this killer design embodies everything that the original lounge lizard was about... he's been a folk hero to artists like Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart, all the way to Josh Homme and Les Claypool... we won't even mention filmmaker Jim Jarmushch and the many other directors who have taken note of his legendary whiskey soaked rasp... his voice has been the call-to-arms for indie blues musicians going on decades now... it's no secret why... Rain Dogs don't blame it on the rain!


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