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Womens 12 Monkey T-Shirt - Gorilla Ape Shirt - Twelve Monkeys Movie

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Army of the "12 Monkeys" Cult Movie Women's T Shirt

If you like your apocalypse to be carried out by a bunch of psychotic revolutionaries, then this 12 Monkey's shirt is made for you... we love Brad Pitt's role in this classic conspiracy film by epic director Terry Gilliam (Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Month Python and the Holy Grail)... truly high strangeness!

It's here we surmise Pitt learned the snake-like ways of his character 'Tyler Durden' in Fight Club... there's a quirky likeness between the two... creating chaos out of the ordinary, shedding light on a dark and depressing world, unreserved madness bubbling over in a strangely rational manner... yeah, what's not to like?!?

At any rate, the Army of the 12 Monkey's may have been a fictitious organization hell-bent on freeing a bunch of animals in captivity, but we see the movie and the message stand for so much more... rise up people... finally take your life in your own hands... and DO NOT let the government use their time machines to send us back to the dark ages! The future of this planet demands on us stupid apes to get real, get organized... and get the Army of the 12 monkeys back in action... start the revolution!!


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