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Womens Cheech and Chong Stoner Movie T-Shirt - Dave's Not Here - Hippie

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Cheech and Chong "Dave's Not Here" Stoner Hippie Women's T Shirt

The counterculture is alive and well with this vintage nod to the kings of stoner comedy, Cheech and Chong... no single comedian could tap into the haze like Cheech and Chong, and many have tried (Mitch Hedberg, Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Doug Stanhope, Ozzy)... so this "Dave's Not Here" t-shirt holds a special spot in our small black resin caked hearts... first hearing this skit on their 1971 self-titled record (yup, vinyl LP), the laughs literally didn't stop for months... somehow these dudes managed to capture something so very 'stoner', and sum it up in four simple words that will forever ring through the underground of human history!

Whether you indulge in the herb, or just dig classic comedy like "Up In Smoke" or "Nice Dreams"... this vintage style Tommy Chong shirt covers that base for all to remember...

Now, it's not fair to paste labels on anyone... both Cheech and Chong are intelligent individuals, who happened to have an incredible talent for mocking the stoner in all of us... Tommy Chong has relished in his role as America's most dimwitted pot aficionado, and we understand and fully support all that Cheech and Chong have done for modern comedy... unfortunately, it seems Chong did his job too well... and was forced to serve a stint for The Man (see the film "AKA Tommy Chong" for an incredible tale of injustice)... yeah, the ignorant bastards put him in jail!

No matter, after his release, both Cheech and Chong decided to bring their slap-schtick drug affair back to half-baked audiences across the globe... so nothing has changed, even The System can't stop progress... the next time those blue shirts come knocking, just wear this shirt to the door!


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