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Womens The Terminator Movie T-Shirt - Skynet Tee - Cyberdyne - AI - Robot

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The Terminator "Skynet Inside" Sci-Fi Women's T Shirt

Everyone should be familiar with "The Terminator" films... they not only cemented Ahhh-nold Schwarzeneggers legacy as a Hollywood actor (we say that loosely)... but they made him an America governor, something very few actors are actually capable of achieving... so if it wasn't his acting that put him there, it must have been the quality of the movies he was in!

So what was it that was sooo good in those movies... the core of what made them stick in our psyche... Yes, it was "SkyNet"... the company that brought it all down, the entire entire human civilization lost to an Artificial Intelligence, created by man.

So this cyber shirt is less of an homage to the tinsel town blockbuster... and more of a focus on the growing questions... "Is A.I. going to be the end of the human race?" .... "Will mankind survive it's own grand accomplishments?" ... "Can we trust the people in charge of developing these technologies?"

If theres even a pinch of truth in the current 2012 doomsday prophecies... we could quickly see some of these techno-fantasies materialize... between the very recent creation of sythetic life, the currently matured cloning technologies (in secret laboratories), and the vast development of AI in video games and robotics... we're right on the cusp of having robot servants released for public consumption... the the game is on, we just wait for The Singularity!


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