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Womens Naked Lunch Typewriter T-Shirt - David Cronenberg Junkie Film

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William S. Burroughs "Naked Lunch" Book Movie Women's T Shirt

William S. Burroughs book "Naked Lunch" might just be the most twisted novel of American literature in the 20th Century... cascading through visions of drug-induced psychosis and paranoia... this dire fantasy leaves most readers warped and confused by the books end... but by craft, not lack of skill.

The underverse of Interzone was a social hotbed in the book... chock full of orgies ending in murder, political junkies battling for supremacy, and a University where idiocracy was the norm... my lips are moving, but you can't seem to hear what I'm saying.

If you read the book, or saw the David Cronenberg movie, then your instantly bound to this Interzone shirt, for the life of you... this tee captures the crush of non-reality with the psychedelic word machine that provides it... it's a typewriter, no it's a bug... it's inanimate, no it's alive... it's guiding your actions through your existence here... NO, it's guiding your thoughts through your non-existence anywhere.

Consciousness expansion is no joke... Interzone may have been an illusion, but I swear I've got Deja Vu right now!


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