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Womens Wild Style Movie T-Shirt - Breakdance Tee - Breakin' Shirts

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Breakin "Breakdance" Movie Women's T Shirt

Late 70's breakdancing... sure the 80's made it "hot"... but the early Wild Style of urban street dance was where the Funk was at... just like graffiti art and other street corner outlets for creative souls, breakin' was a way ahead of it's time... it was cool to look at, but the world didn't really understand... it's too bad they finally figured it out.

So we're going way back here... way back... this design isn't meant to be the pinnacle of urban life in Source Magazine... in fact, it's exactly the opposite... this is focused on the early roots of an art uncorrupted by violent egos, corporate greed, and benjamins... this shirt is about the honest pageantry of old-skool breakdancing... living with a beatbox on your shoulder, and a cardboard mat... kill off the afternoon with some friends, some beers and some killer groovy music that makes you wanna dance!


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