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Womens The Beatles - John Lennon I Am The Walrus - Goo Goo G'joob

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The Beatles "I Am The Walrus" John Lennon Women's T Shirt

There's really not much to be said... that hasn't already been mentioned a thousand times over, about the greatest band of the 20th Century (we know, it's debatable... but not really... The Beatles are neat!)... so instead of words upon words, let's just focus on the image... we bet you've never seen this highly obscure Beatles t-shirt before!

Did John Lennon truly think of himself as the walrus... goo goo g'joob... or was he just tripping really hard on LSD one day when he came up with the lyrics to this song? The answer is actually a little of both, but we'll let you go hunt down the legend of this song by yourself... because there is a legend that comes with this track... just do a little digging on Wiki and you shall find quite an interesting story!


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