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Womens Miller High Life Parody T-Shirt - Beer - Drugs - Party - College

Color: Heather White

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Miller "HighLife" Beer or Mind-Altering Substance Women's T Shirt

There isn't a beer-swilling co-ed alive that hasn't stumbled through the front door... naked, with their faces sharpie markered... thanks to the High Life!

Despite the play on the well known Miller High Life (it's the "King of Beers" y'know)... this shirt might just be the coolest and/or smoothest, all-encompassing drug reference, that you could totally wear to school... or while getting a loan at the bank... or applying for a drivers license... even getting a drug test at work!

Alright, scratch those last two... you can try, but good luck... instead just focus on keeping your muck off this one, you don't want to ruin a perfectly good party shirt the first night out.. of course, we're speaking from experience here... so I guess we'll drink to that!!


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