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Womens Zodiac Cult Movie T-Shirt - Serial Killer T-Shirts - Gun Tee - Knife

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Cult Horror "Zodiac" Serial Killer Women's T Shirt

Unsolved murders are hell for police investigators... and the Zodiac Killer may be America's most heinous unsolved mystery... he remains as cryptic as his letters... leaving no trace at any site, baffling the public, and leaving California wondering... who's next?

This is fascinating stuff... so we thought a fair tribute to this unknown martyr would be the equivalent of offering our services to the search... but beware, when you put this shirt on, The Zodiac may just see you wearing it... and stalk you down, for old times sake!

Whether it was a gun, a knife, a cypher or astrology... this man knew no boundaries... he had in insanely solid knowledge of police and media procedures... so much that he was able to build an epic mythology surrounding his actions... a story so pervasive, the entire world would recognize his name forever!

So if you can figure out his cryptograms, maybe you can help find the killer that has eluded law enforcement scrutiny for over 30 years... or you can just marvel at the strange world of the serial killer... a topic that always makes for interesting conversation... everyone knows a little something!


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