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Womens Evil Monkey - Dark Side of The Moon - Pink Floyd - Wizard of Oz

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Wizard of Oz "Evil Monkey" Pink Floyd Women's T Shirt

If you haven't already sat down on a Saturday night and popped in the legendary movie Wizard of Oz, while playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon right alongside it... you're missing out on one of the most intriguing movie/music matches ever discovered by some strange dude on drugs... David Gilmour and Roger Waters both say they never intended Dark Side to be the psychedelic soundtrack to Wizard, but we respectfully disagree!

Since nobody else seems to have done it yet, and that's typically our left-handed style around here... we got the only "Darkside of The Rainbow" Evil Monkey t-shirt in existence... a perfect reminder that dorm-room phenomenon has kept Pink Floyd fans and Wizard buffs synchronized together in a microcosm of drug-induced relica!

Sure, you could spend time speculating whether this ongoing media obscurity is 'for real' (yes, there are many other movie/album combos that work!)... but we advise you give it a whirl for yourself... it sure makes for an interesting evening... as long as you take the necessary necessaries... it doesn't work quite as well if you don't reach the land of Oz!


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