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Womens Strange Brew Movie T-Shirt - Cream Band Tee - Elsinore Beer Shirts

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Bob and Doug McKenzie "Strange Brew" Beer Movie Women's T Shirt

This movie has got to be every beer-drinkers wet dream... the antics of Bob and Doug McKenzie are captured in all of their glory in this Canadian cult classic flic... much like Cheech and Chong, these two hosers are Canada's answer to drug addiction... alcohol addiction!

The castle Elsinore Brewery was the epicenter of this exceptionally fine piece of cultural cinematography... hosting malevolent plans ranging from global brainwashing to hockey death matches... all helmed by the legendary Max Von Sydow (one of the best villain roles ever!).

Only the clueless McKenzie Bros could have fought through the madness, to save the world from total annihilation (unbeknownst to them)... and in the end, an empty brewery vat of suds, and the longest piss ever recorded... left us completely disturbed as we peed own pants, and wished we had a family dog like Hosehead!


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