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Womens Neurosis Demon T-Shirt - Burning Man Tee - Doom Rock T-Shirts

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Neurosis "Enemy of The Sun" Wicker Man Women's T Shirt

The sonic assault of the Neurosis album "Enemy of the Sun", released in 1992, wa our first experience with this band of legend... you must understand, there weren't any bands back then, crafting such an epic vision of so many different heavy styles of music ... nowadays, this style of music has become a genre... with bands like Isis, Pelican, Red Sparowes and The Tides regularly mimicing (albeit in their own style, which is good, we listen!), the original sound of Neurosis vision.

So someone asked... "Hey, make us a cool 'Enemy of the Sun' shirt"... a request that perplexed us at first, since the original album cover and insert to this album are simply, perfect (that vampire thing, burning in the sunlight, is just amazing)... why would anyone want to change that?

So we had some serious thinking to do... after re-listening to the album many times, it finally seemed the only appropriate course of action was to do a bit of a mashup... taking some unseen eastern religious iconography, add a little fire to it, blend in the ideology of the Burning Man Festival (or the witchcraft of the Wicker Man, whichever you prefer)... and here you have an unusual take on one of the best albums in underground psychedelic heavy metal music history!


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