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Womens Hunter S Thompson - Gonzo - Fear and Loathing in Bat Country

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Hunter S. Thompson "Devils Rejects" Author Women's T Shirt

Pure Gonzo is how we do it around here... and Hunter S. Thompson is the maniac that penned the mantra of our lifestyle... Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas being the most recognized work of this insane author... inspiring generations to dig deep into the darkness of the mind... and wreak a drug-fueled havoc on an unsuspecting society of normals!

This vintage Gonzo tee paints the classic Bat Country episode into permanency... dripping with Blotter and a salt-shaker half full of cocaine, the phrase "No Sympathy for The Devils Rejects" maims the wall behind him... no, the epitaph is not a hack from the Rob Zombie film (quite the opposite actually)... HST was the voice of the intelligent psychedelic youth in the 60's and 70's... and his words hold the same value now, as the day they were written!

The man was a modern vagabond, whose life ended too soon (albeit under his complete control)... so we still celebrate the mad journalist and his raging alter ego... Raoul Duke... we urge you to enlighten yourself to this man, like he's coursing through your veins.

If 'Paranoia' is just a heightened sense of awareness, then 'Madness' is a heightened sense of freedom... awaken yourself, and you may discover there's a lot more of us out there than you initially thought!


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