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Womens The Mars Volta T-Shirt - Tarantism - Jazz T-Shirts - Spider Tee

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The Mars Volta "Tarantism" Experimental Jazz Women's T Shirt

There's a lot to be said about a band that can take Latin Salsa, experimental Prog Rock, Pop, and Punk... and meld them all together to produce a visceral exploration of each aforementioned genre... yeah, you heard us, read it again... The Mars Volta have done just that for the better part of the last decade... evolving from the post-hardcore indie punk ashes (yeah, seriously hard to pin them down) of 'At The Drive-In'... into one of the few bands today who are truly furthering the sonic boundaries of accessible music... while we can dig some avant garde, we absolutely adore "groovy" avant garde!

Cedric Bixlar-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's are some seriously talented musicians... not to detract from the rest of the band, but these two have some exceptional musical insight and performance skills... The Mars Volta is certainly a thinking man's band... layering notes and sounds upon one another to create magnificent opus' that haven't been heard since the days of Pink Floyd or King Crimson!

So what the hell is "Tarantism"?... in a nutshell, it's a suggested cure for a spider bite, where you dance madly to avoid death from the poison... although, it's been suggested that this remedy was actually the peoples ploy to deceive authoritarian rules against dancing in the Seventeenth Century... yeah, gotta love those authoritarians... they knew music kept you young, and dancing set your soul free... they couldn't have that!

Having experienced the Volta live, numerous times... we can certainly attest to the frenzied dancing that they provoke... they create one of the highest energy live shows you will ever experience, period... you can close your eyes to watch the visions unfold in a magnificent stellar groove... or you can claim Tarantism... and dance madly backwards!


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