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Womens Black Crowes T-Shirt - Gibson Les Paul - Blues Guitar Shirt

Color: Heather White

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The Black Crowes "Les Paul Guitar" Rock Women's T Shirt

The first time I ever spoke with Rich Robinson, he told me The Black Crowes were going to be around for a long time... that was about 15 years ago, a few years after they tore up "Hard to Handle" and brought the bluesy-boogie back to the airwaves... Haha, I wasn't buying it... and boy was I wrong!

The Black Crowes have become as Americana as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan... crafting classic rock tunes set to the backdrop of everyday America... toss in a Gibson Les Paul, and you've got vintage rock'n'roll for today, bridging the gap between the 60's and now, with pure style and grace... so this Black Crowes 'Les Paul Guitar' shirt is an unusual retro throwback to one of their greatest jams!

You probably know by now that we can only see through our left eye, we also lost our right hand in a guitar battle, and our right leg is almost a foot shorter than the other ... so we only go one way around here, and that's the left-hand path... oddly and obscurely... makes for some interesting artwork!


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