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Womens This Machine Kills Fascists - Woody Guthrie Folk Guitar T-Shirt

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Woody Guthrie "Fascist Killer" Acoustic Guitar Women's T Shirt

The revolution is only a song away, and Woody Guthrie really knew how to tell us a tale when he strummed his 6-string... his message was simple, don't follow the leader, create your own path and live life in full... his wisdom transcends all music and all listeners, even the message on his guitar transcends the consciousness of eras past and future!

You see, when you look at life through a different lens, you tend to see the world in a different light... and that light doesn't usually jive with what "they" have been telling you... you begin seeing things for what they aren't... and that often spells trouble for the freedom-haters that shovel garbage our way... they don't want us to think, and they're actively doing everything they can to stop us from doing so!

So think about this... imagine a world where music is a controlling force in day-to-day living... where everyone is expected to listen to one new album every single day... various styles and genres, no holds barred... yeah, that might just change this world... enlighten people to the varied realities of this vast planet... instead of keeping their minds locked in a dumbed-down psychic cage!

Some of us do this already, and it really works folks... so you'd be wise to give Mr. Guthrie some ear time, open your mind to the urban poets and contemplate their messages... music isn't just for entertainment, it's for the people!


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