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Womens The Exploited T-Shirt - Punks Not Dead - Oi! - Sex and Violence

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The Exploited "Sex and Violence" Punk Women's T Shirt

Scotland's The Exploited were your voice of hate and rage in the 1980's... scaring the shit out of everyone they came in contact with was a big part of the early punk movement... and we thinks this relentless punk tee will bring that contempt for humanity back to the front! Oi! Punk's Not Dead!! It's Exploited!

Wattie Buchanan was a genuinely angry individual... and the band really knew how to piss people off, all while bringing the disenfranchised youth together with an Anarchy war cry... even while the mods and rockers battled each other for nothing... the punks battled the world for sorely lacking political integrity, call it the antithesis of the hippie culture... if peace and love didn't get through to them, let's try something a little harder... so they may have looked hard core and obscene with seven foot red Mohawks, combat boots and safety pins through various body parts... but the message was true, and despite the chaos, noise and aggression... it was intelligent.

Sure, that last part has changed today, no thanks to Hollywood and MTV... and that's exactly why we chose to focus on the Exploited sing-along shocker tune of legend, Sex and Violence... after all, it's about the only two words left that still hold a little taboo these days!


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