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Womens Primus T-Shirt - Pudding Time - Les Claypool Tee - Frizzle Fry

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Primus "Pudding Time" Bosch Funk Women's T Shirt

If there's one band in existence that no other band could possibly replicate... it would have to be Primus... 20+ years after their breakout of Oakland, California, they remain a tour-de-force in the metal / hippie / funk world... one of the few bands who will draw both aggro metal heads and tie-dyed hippies to their shows... blending two sounds into an amalgam of raucous anthems (Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, Too Many Puppies) and deep space-rock explorations (Over the Electric Grapevine, Southbound Pachyderm)... yeah, it's hard to imagine... that's why PRIMUS SUCKS!

Bassist Les Claypool's unusual style allowed him to bridge the gap between commercial tunes, and all that was heavy and heady... while often leaving Primus to pursue other interests (Oysterhead w/ Trey Anastasio, The Frog Brigade, Sausage), he always kept his roots firmly planted in his slap-happy sound... it sounds like "candy"... that's why PRIMUS SUCKS!

So we bring you the circus of freaks... they like candy... creepy little Hieronymus Bosch characters that epitomize an array of Primus ditties... the toys may be winding down, but we're just getting started... it's Puddin' Time children, get your spoons ready!!


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