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Womens Moog T-Shirt - Synthesizer T-Shirts - Minimoog - Theremin - Robot

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Moog Synthesizer "Bob Moog" Robot Women's T Shirt

The battle for sonic supremacy is being waged in recording studios worldwide, and at the helm is Bob Moog... summoning the thunderous warm buzz created by the vintage Moog synth... wrecking havoc on the unsuspecting ears of the world!

So this Moog robot t-shirt is here to show our support... keeping it retro and warming the soul of all who wear it... Moog and Theramin solos rock the very foundation of earth, sending psychedelic reverberations through the battlefield of the universe... you should be wary of their power the next time you're in their presence... these robots are killers!

Watching, lurking, ready to explode in your head the next time you let your guard down... which ain't necessarily a bad thing... 'cause there's nothing better than having your soul shaken by gods satanic robots, bent on conquering your mind's eye... Casio ain't got nothing on my giant robot!


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