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Womens Man's Ruin T-Shirt - Lowbrow Art - Frank Kozik - Juxtapoz - Smoking

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Frank Kozik "Man's Ruin Records" Inspired Women's T Shirt

The man behind the finest lowbrow art house and record label in the world, Frank Kozik... this revolutionary sits atop the heap when it comes to digging deep and finding some of the finest Stoner and Dirt Rock our generation had to offer... so it was a sad day when he decided to can the record label and focus solely on his art... but hey, at least we got the memories!

Koziks' bunny art and Smorking animals have become the imagery of legend... so this smokin' duck shirt is in vintage Mans Ruin style... since this mans reality unlike anyone else's on the planet, we just had to give a nod of appreciation to the Ruins of Man... he left behind some of the wittiest, strangest art/music we've seen or heard in the last 20 years... a duck with a gun having a smoke? Where else would we have gotten such a strange idea?


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