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Womens Amon Duul II - Krautrock - Phallus Dei - Archangel Thunderbird

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Amon Duul II "Archangels Thunderbird" Krautrock Women's T Shirt

Classic Rock may be the cornerstone to all that's great about Rock music today... but it's the far-out tendencies of "Krautrock" that really make music fun... pioneers "Amon Duul II" helped to spread the virus, by pushing the envelope as far as humanly possible in music... and to do it with groove and style!

The band wasn't necessarily an easy listen the first time we heard them... some of their music is raucous and takes a seasoned ear to appreciate... but as in all art forms, it takes an open-mind and a little patience to appreciate the vision of the artist... if you don't take the time to contemplate the details of their work, you won't find any satisfaction... as the Dead Kennedys proclaimed the common ideas of the modern world so well, their bold statement "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" is exactly what we're talking about here... Amon Duul II may not be "convenient" music to some people... but their legacy exists, urging you to open your mind and break down those psychic barriers of your culturing.

Amon Duul II was much about consciousness expansion through musical expression (and drug-use, but then that could be said for all 70's rock bands!)... this ideology shined through in much of their music, showing an exceptional talent for aural trance-like journeys into the our realms of meditation and astral navigation... there is much to be said about this band, much to be enamored by... so we chose to keep it simple, organic, and enlightening!


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