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Womens Eric Clapton T-Shirt - Cream Shirt - Crossroads Tee - Blues T-Shirts

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Eric Clapton "Enjoy Clapton" Classic Rock Women's T Shirt

If you're a guitar purist, Eric Clapton's body of work is probably in your stereo cabinet as you read this (because you can still appreciate the charm of non-digital music formats)... the man's legacy is legendary, amongst other rock legends... from his personal relationships to his epic music career, Clapton has been a rock star through-and-through... if 'The Beatles' are the greatest band of the 20th Century, then Eric Clapton is the single most iconic guitarist of the same era!

Everything he touched turned to gold... from the Yardbirds, to Cream, to Blind Faith... and that was just his early stuff... his solo work on the other hand, sounded an age of beauty in rock music... like a folk hero, he crafted perfect guitar songs... the kind that other singer / songwriters could only wish to accomplish once in their career, Clapton did repeatedly over a 47 (Forty Seven!!) year run... that alone qualifies him for true Guitar God status, by any standard... and that's not really even taking special consideration for his extended jams during the live 'Cream' shows... that would push him even higher, if there is such a class!

So with an obvious slant towards his 70's work, via songs like Layla, Cocaine, and Crossroads... this Clapton shirt is a cheeky take on the old school 'Enjoy Coke' media campaign... we think enjoying Clapton is far more beneficial to your health than, um, Coke is... so enjoy Rock Royalty... truly a living legend!


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