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Womens Offensive Dropping F-Bombs Shirt - Military Humor - Funny T-Shirts

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Classic Military "F-Bombs" Funny Women's T Shirt

Feel like dropping a few F-Bombs all over this god-forsaken planet? Well it can't get any more direct than a hailstorm of F**k pouring out of the back of a B-52 Bomber... hell yeah, and you thought it was rain!!

We know there's a special someone who's made your shitlist, and is burning a hole in your tongue.. but nobody likes a trucker mouth... so use this shirt to convey your message of disdain... let them, or just the world in general, that you're not happy with the way things are going!

On the other hand, if you're not as angry as we think you are... it's still a damn funny shirt regardless... there's nothing better than an expletive-filled rant, on a t-shirt... some thing just never should have been made, and that what makes them special... we loves us some high strangeness, and this classic F-Bombs shirt makes the short list!


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