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Womens Ministry Band - William S Burroughs - Political Punk Author TShirt

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William S. Burroughs "Ministry" Beat Poet Women's T Shirt

If William S. Burroughs is the voice of the beat generation, then this phrase should be pasted on billboards across the country... 'Smash the Control Images, Smash the Control Machine'... couldn't be more relevant in today's industriously cluttered society... the beatniks are rolling in their graves right now... all talk, and no action!

Heroin may have led Burroughs down a path that wrought him great agony... but with psychic pain comes contemplation and introspection, which leads to insight and wisdom... something many beat poets have much experience with... so don't be too quick to judge a man who attempts to escape from a world closing in... his actions may not be your actions, but his experiences likely touch a deeper part of self realization than yours... learn from those who paid the price of knowledge.

If you can sort through the hallucinatory haze of his writings (hey, digging through his wild creativity is half the fun), the message is there for us to learn from... don't buy into the machine agenda... the control structure is vast, perhaps likened to The Matrix for you newcomers... as Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars dramatically proclaimed... IT'S A TRAP!

William S. Burroughs, in all of his drug-riddled karmic wisdom... knew what was going down... their plan was in progress then, and it's only grown stronger now... so his words are as important today, as those sprawled in Huxley's 'Brave New World' or Orwell's '1984'... only WSB sugared his message with a dash of opiate madness, to give it a little flavor, as many of his contemporaries do today... it's no wonder Al Jourgensen of the industrial metal band, Ministry, was completely smitten with this legendary author... here we are in 2010, and the New World Order is almost complete!


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