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Womens Offensive T - Punk Rock Black Panther - Rated R Movie Shirt

Color: Vintage Black

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Black Panther "Rated R" Cult Movie Women's T Shirt

Of course, where else you gonna find a classic Black Panther Rated R tee like this... brings back the generation of 70's films that we're so fond of around here... some of the greatest movies of that time (Apocalypse Now, Network, A Clockwork Orange) all were preceded by this classic logo in the theaters.

This shirt covers all those classics with one sweep of the wide ass brush... if it's Rated R, it's rated Radical... yeah, you heard me... I said it... Sex, Death, and every sort of filth is how we like our films... adult style... and the Black Panther always delivered the goods... if ain't R, it ain't worth watching... who knew censorship ratings would create roadmap to the good stuff! HaHa!


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