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Womens Retro Hellraiser - Hardcore Punk - Horror Movie Blood T Shirt

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Hellraiser "I Am In Hell" Horror Movie Women's T Shirt

Does the drip do it for you? It sure did for us when we saw this sprawled on a wall in the first Hellraiser movie, one of the most twisted sci-fi / horror flics to ever grace the big screen (thank you, Clive Barker!).

And while this may not be a quote from the uber-terrifying gothic S&M human bondage master... Pinhead... you still know it's his handy work... and so we think this little slogan solidifies, in blood, that his legend will live on forever... in this truly scary homage to the unholiest of crews --- The Cenobites.

We love this shirt, because we love this movie... but this is another doppelganger tee... it's obscure enough, it doesn't have to be a movie shirt... it's a message that's likely scratched on bathroom stalls the world over... so if you really wanna say what we're all thinking... tell the world that you are, in fact... in Hell!

But don't worry too much, Uncle Frank still loves you...


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