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Womens Black Label Society - Ozzy - Zakk Wylde - Cool Guitar Shirt

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Zakk Wylde "Skull Ripper" SDMF Women's T Shirt

If Randy Rhodes never died tragically... and Ozzy had never needed to find a guitarist who could rise to Rhodes' abilities... we may have never discovered the axe-wielding titan, Zakk Wylde!

Now that's not to say we're glad that Randy passed, obviously not... but he was with us long enough to leave his mark (and what a mark it is!)... so when a monster guitar god passes, what's left in his wake is nothing short of another god to fill the void... the circle of life!

With that said, are we ever happy to be able to hear Zakk's guitar scream the 'harmonic pinch' to the world... and scream it does, all the way through his early career with Ozzy... and now with his own band, Black Label Society, one of metal's premier thrash'n'roll groups!

From the Twilight Zone inspired guitar, to his bellbottomed biker swagger... Zakk personifies modern day metal to the fullest... like Viking man bringing war to the gods, he's brought metal to the bikers, thrash to the Korn kids, and howling guitar solos to the doomsters... Zakk is every metal fans guitar guru, and with the passing of Dimebag Darrell, he's probably the greatest living metal guitarist around!

Zakk's triumph beyond his years with the Ozzman is nearing legend status... he remains as essential now as he did back in 1988, when he broke onto the metal scene... so this 'Stronger Than Death' t-shirt harkens back to those days... a classic BLS biker shirt, drenched in alcohol-fueled metal mayhem!


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