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Womens HP Lovecraft - Cthulhu v1 Tribal - Dunwich Horror Tee Shirt

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HP Lovecraft "Tribal Fta,ghn" Cthulhu Women's T Shirt

The Elder Gods must were grinning when they dropped this one on our doorstep... they knew the time of all ending would be here soon, and that we'd have to share this horror masterpiece with you... despite the fact that we should be terrified of this face, running for our lives from it's abominable wretch... there is an undeniable allure that is so seducing, it's dangerous!

Showing elements of an octopus or squid... the Cthulhu image is forever in question, subtly changing perspective depending on the daylight, your angle of sight, or perhaps even the flux of the space-time continuum... no one is certain what Cthulhu actually looks like... or at least, those that do, have never returned to describe it... author H.P. Lovecraft likely came closest in his interpretation, using words such as "indescribable" and "unmentionable"... which is actually more terrifying, than having the proper words to describe... the worst thing the universe has ever seen!


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