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Womens Left4Dead - Zombie Shotgun - Evil Dead - Demon Horror Movie Shirt

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I Kill Zombies "Left 4 Evil Dead" Horror Women's T Shirt

Bruce Campbell is a relatively unknown man of legendary descent... we love this dude, and everything he's done (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-Tep, Maniac Cop)... it should come as no surprise that we couldn't resist sharing our take on the weaponry needed to slice and blast the walking undead... this paramilitary shotgun zombie killing machine has ended many battles in short order... aim for the head!!

This zombie killer shirt will definitely catch the eye of your fellow humans... after all, those of us still living have an instinctive deep-seated hatred for the living dead... survival is the name of the game, and those with the biggest toys wins!

America's fixation with the waking dead comes as no surprise... they're everywhere... and this monster tee shows us survivors just whose side your on... we only hope those zombie bastards don't get to you before you get a chance to wear it!


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