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Womens Work T-Shirt - Lowbrow Art - Pentagram Doom Tee - Robot Cult

Color: Vintage Black

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Kustom Kulture "Gods Satanic Robots..." Punk Rock Women's T Shirt

Have you been tested for brainwashing lately? The longer you sit in front of that pleasure box we call TV, the more likely this statement becomes true... you see, we understand how the advertising business operates, and it's far more subliminal and subversive than you ever imagined... the dark forces are alive and well in all your favorite television series, commercials, news reports and history channels... are you paying attention?

The blank man says it all... there is NO FACE behind mass mind control... it's the networks that brought you Friends, MASH, CSI, and the Simpsons, that train you to think like a robot consumer whose knee-jerk reaction is to buy more useless crap you don't really need... don't you realize that the "Sale Price" is actually the normal price... because the price is written in red and 'slashed down', you've been trained to think it's a limited supply and a good deal that you need to "ACT NOW!"... brainwash... it's truly everywhere.

So wear this classic Kustom Kulture tee and get people asking you what it means... then tell them what's up... be aware of the strategies they use to make you part with your hard-earned money... don't let Gods Satanic Robots Control your Brainwashed Mind!


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