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Womens I Hate The Internet Tee - Geek - Nerd - Black Humor T-Shirts

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Smart Geek "I Hate the Internet" Black Humor Women's T Shirt

So who actually like this Interweb thing? I mean, jeez... what a boring plethora of garbage information... every time I'm on the internet, I'm so bored to death... it's like living in this little room, with no pictures, no television, no books and no company... booooring... I hate the Internet.

I'd rather be watching television, so they mold my mind to their agenda... I prefer to allow a nameless group of strangers that have no interest in my personal safety, craft my personality through television... after all, I only work very hard, every day, so that I can buy things that I don't really need, and that don't really work anyway... my life is complex, and these men know what's best for me.

Who needs a global online consciousness, when you've got television... freedom, learning and personal empowerment are all over-rated anyway... anyone that tries to sell me those things is boring... just like the the internet.


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