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Womens Night of The Living Dead Shirt - Horror Movie - Zombie Apocalypse

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George Romero "Graveyard" Night of the Living Dead Women's T Shirt

We've always been big fans of the walking dead... we've always noticed, there's horror movies, then there's zombie we can't help but thank George Romero for having the vision to create such a lasting impression on the genre... it's no secret there have been many zombie flics based on voodoo culture since the dawn of time...but "Night of the Living Dead" was a landmark film that launched a collection zombie movies that never grow old!

NOTLD introduced the concept of an undead human committing cannibalism... which is worse, human eating, or the undead? Like chocolate and peanut butter, this combo shocked the hell out of millions of people in the 60's... creating a rampage of fear and bloodlust that has lasted well into our modern day!

So while we love ourselves some brain-eating, the still shot we've captured on this classic zombie shirt is more focused on our favorite part of the movie... the unsettling terror of the graveyard scene... "they're coming to get you Barbara!"


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