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Pantera T-Shirt - Dimebag Guitar Tee - Damageplan - Heavy Metal T-Shirts

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Pantera "Dimebag Darrell" Metal Guitar Men's T-Shirt

I remember watching MTV back in the day, probably Headbangers Ball with Ricky Rachtman or maybe Henry Rollins was hosting, not sure... but I remember them interviewing Pantera for the upcoming "Far Beyond Driven" album, partilcularly Phil Anslemo and Dimebag Darrell. The main take-away from the interview, the intense focal point, was that this album was to be the heaviest heavy metal album to ever be released... ever!

Hell yeah, now that's a war I like to see people fighting!

The old Pantera concerts were incredible... massive heavy metal events where people would tailgate hard... go inside and rock the fcuk out! I must have seen them 10 times or so, no joke... they came around often, and we always went to join in the madness... towards the end of the run, they would fly a gigantic arena-sized flag that was made up of sewn bedsheets that various fans had painted and drawn on (with more than a few pot leafs, I might add)... creating the largest heavy metal art tapestry I've ever seen in my life... even today.

Needless to say, the album served justice to the hype... hearing dimebags incredible machine gun riffs, Slayer like squeals, and the beefiest beefy raunch... just wicked heavy! Now that's not to completely overshadow Phil's awesome vocals (see his band's DOWN and Superjoint Ritual for more amazing examples), but we're talking about Dimebag here... we're talking about metal guitar!!

So yeah, being a big music fan I can appreciate the dream of being a musician on stage in front of thousands of people... but then there's the reality of being a heavy metal band on stage in front of thousands of people, where you're up there literally chopping the listeners heads off with gigantic power riffs... and they're moshing, and screaming and loving you for it!!

That's the life Dimebag lived... and while it's a shame that some people in this world are severely unbalanced and dangerous... Dimebag lived fast and died young... something that many of us only dream about doing... he did, and I think it was worth it for him!


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