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Womens Pantera T-Shirt - Dimebag Guitar Tee - Damageplan - Heavy Metal

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Pantera "Dimebag Darrell" Guitar God Women's T Shirt

The legendary silhouette of the greatest metal guitarist, ever, period... Dimebag Darrell Abbott (Pantera, Damageplan) may have tragically lost his life to a seriously unstable individual... but his epic shredding will always be remembered!

Do you remember the first Dime solo you ever heard? Mine was Pantera's "Mouth for War", from their breakthrough album 'Vulgar Display of Power'... life changed that day, and thank Satan he kept me up late that night to watch Headbanger's Ball on MTV (back when they still played music, for the sake of music).. it remains one of those moments that's stayed crystal clear in my thoughts, no matter how much time passes... a new era in heavy music was born!

If you never had the chance to experience Dime live, find a video, grab the Pantera home vids, just find something... If you're metal and think you've seen some greats, Dimebag tops them all, and there will NEVER be another like him... cheers Dime, we're tippin' a Black Tooth for you now!!!


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