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Womens Rory Gallagher T-Shirt - Irish Clover Rock Tee - Blues Guitar T-Shirts

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Rory Gallagher "Irish Clover" Blues Rock Women's T Shirt

Ireland may have Van Morrison and Thin Lizzy as their obvious musical heros... but to those of us who really dig the blues, Rory Gallagher put those acts to bed... he's the original Irish blues rocker, ripping through 3 decades of rock relatively unnoticed, but not hardly to those who have heard his sweet six-string emotion... it's a damn shame he's not always mentioned with the greats... he deserves a nod of thankful recognition!

This Irish clover Rory Gallagher shirt is our tribute to one of the finest blues guitarists to ever grip a Fender Strat... he shared the stage with some of the greatest acts ever (Cream, Clapton, Blind Faith, Muddy Waters, Robin Trower) yet still remains a blip on the blues radar... for no apparently good reason!?!?

Honestly, we could care less... we know his music, and you may know it as well... but if you don't, you should... we strive to bring you the absolute best in underground and off-beat culture, and this vintage blues tee is exactly that... we dig through the crates to unearth the unspoken music legends of humankind... so rock on in a better place Rory, your missed... may this tee help to bring the well deserved attention to your legacy... Guinness all around!! R.I.P.


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