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Womens Fast Times at Ridgemont High Movie - Vans Surfer Shoes - Spicoli

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Fast Times at Ridgemont High "Jeff Spicoli" Movie Women's T Shirt

Jeff Spicoli is probably the greatest stoner Hollywood character ever created... we don't really need to ay anything more.... but thanks to a terrific acting job by a youthful Sean Penn, Fast Times at Ridgemont High became the modern template by which many coming of age films were modelled after (particularly stoner comedies!).

FTRH was director Cameron Crowe's first in a long line of teen-age dramedies (Singles, Say Anything, Almost Famous) that brought the harrowing tales of high school to the big screen in epic fashion... Crowe being a rock journalist obviously brings some true nature to the characters he develops in his films... it's obvious he's involved in the casting process, and very specific in what he expects from the character... because he's seen these people real life, so he knows what he wants!

Now lets talk about the inimitable Vans checker shoes, now permanent lore amongst surfers, skaters, and all around beach bums... their classic simplicity has given them a steadfast revival in the street stoner culture... and Spicoli's quotes have earned the same respect... many lauding him as the goofiest, most stoned surfer California has ever seen!

Oddly enough, the quote on this t-shirt actually speaks volumes of truth... in the same manner this movie is meant to portray a reality, this phrase holds that same level of reality... man, am I ever stoned... what was I saying?


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